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SEO, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing. Many names for pretty much the same thing. We all know we need it, but no one quite understands what it is.

Search engine optimisation is an essential tool in helping your website get found on Google and other search engines that is mired in mystery, mainly by Google themselves, and they’re the guys that make the rules!

Search engine optimisation is one of those mysterious dark arts of the web development world that’s neither the responsibility of the web designer nor the content editor, but instead sits between the two worlds.

How you structure your website, the naming conventions and the directories you use to describe sections, what you write on each page, and even how you name your images, all contribute to the SEO strength of any individual webpage.

Performing on-page SEO on a website is a meticulous process that requires creative flair and a semantic understanding of the English language. You then need to apply logic to the phrasing you choose to help improve your website’s ranking on Google.

We’ve seen plenty of websites, plenty of structural approaches, and have sifted through many, many pages of content to help scores of clients with their SEO over the years. SEO is a technique best applied alongside a robust content marketing and PR strategy to help you get the best value from your website. It also requires collaboration with your web development team too.

It’s an activity that is best done as part of a website redesign, but can also be can be performed independently to tidy up the content that’s already there and improve the SEO health of a website. If you have web developers who are able to help with the technical SEO elements needed, then all the better.

We’ve worked with all sorts of clients’ in-house teams and external web development agencies in order to get great results for our clients. We’ve also coached lots of in-house editorial teams to help them learn how to apply search engine optimisation processes to the copy they produce. SEO is a slow and steady burn, but the investment of time and effort carries on bringing you rewards for many years thereafter.


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