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Although now no longer a new technology in the digital world, social media is still one of the newer marketing tools in a marketeer’s bag of tricks. Social networking websites are now household names, so it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a strong and consistent social media presence.

When utilised in the right way, social media can create brand awareness, nurture sales, and help businesses engage with their audience in ways that traditional marketing methods simply cannot do.

As it continues to grow and gain popularity, social media has become invaluable to companies across every sector, from small businesses to large corporations. No matter your goal, if you want to make the most of your brand’s online presence then you need a social media strategy.

Businesses use social media in various ways, from helping to generate leads to making direct sales. Some businesses just use social media for brand awareness or to help with content distribution. Many companies now have customer service-oriented social media accounts that, in addition to their call centres and online contact forms, exist solely to deal with customer enquiries.

The first thing to consider when choosing to dive into the world of social media is your strategy. Outlining a social media strategy will help you decide on things like your brand’s online voice, who will resource the channels and what hours your brand will be active online.

A strategy will also help you to decide what you expect to get from your social media channels. It’s too simplistic to expect that tweeting once or twice a day will lead to a big upturn in sales for your business. If a lift in sales is your goal, for example, then your strategy should help you define exactly how you expect to achieve this. If you need support and guidance on putting together a social media strategy, we can help. Talk to us about what kind of social media solution might be right for your business.

If you can resource your social media in-house, then our advice is that you do so. Not many companies are able to hit the ground running like this though, so this is where we can step in. For many businesses, the only sensible route is to outsource social media management, which we are more than happy to handle. We have handled social media for many UK businesses in all sorts of sectors, so no matter your strategic aims, we can help you make them a reality.

We also offer a tandem management/training route, where we work alongside in-house personnel to develop their social media skills before handing over the reins entirely. We find this a more effective way of ‘showing not telling’ to our clients than a one-off training course, as the nuances of communications on social media channels can be so varied.

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