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A digital marketing strategy is one of the most important strands of your wider marketing strategy, with many channels to take into account when putting together your digital marketing mix.

You need to pull all of your digital marketing channels together to message across each of them consistently and present your brand on each channel with one voice.

You also need to ensure you have a definite idea about what you want to get from each channel and how they interact with each other to help drive your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Make sure you have a strategy to guide you.

Before embarking on new digital marketing activities, it makes sense to put together a roadmap to help you understand what you hope to get out of it, and what ‘success’ looks like for your brand.  This is where having a digital marketing strategy is crucial, so that you can orchestrate the many digital activities you undertake to the same end.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing has disrupted traditional marketing approaches with the speed of delivery, the ability for you to quickly test out new platforms, and the valuable measurable data you get back to help you figure out if you got good value for money.

The problem for many businesses is figuring out how these channels are bringing success to the business and, more importantly, how they might be contributing to sales, inbound enquiries, and ultimately your bottom line.

When we embark on any project with a new client, we always seek to define what ‘success’ looks like. In the case of ecommerce websites, this is pretty straightforward – driving online sales is the ultimate measure of success from which all the other company KPIs cascade.

With b2b businesses, inbound enquiries and leads are often the measure of success. Whether this means making the office phone ring more or driving people to download a PDF, measuring this is an important first step to put in place.

Tracking the performance of social media activity is often an enigma. Being led mostly by reach and engagement metrics, it’s fairly straightforward to measure these stats and feed them into monthly reporting routines, but the skill is in tying this activity back into sales or enquiries.

Whatever your digital marketing issue, we can help you figure out if you are making the best of what’s available to you. We often get involved when clients come to us with the following kinds of queries:

  • I have a new website redesign in progress, but I need help with project managing it from the client point of view
  • I want to set up, or make the most of social media for my brand, or embark on the use of a new channel such as LinkedIn or Instagram
  • I need general digital marketing advice and support to help our in-house team focus on the activities with more confidence
  • I need help deciphering my web analytics
  • I would like to experiment with Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads to sell more products
  • I need help figuring out my return on investment (ROI) for my digital channels
  • I want to get into email marketing or email marketing automation but don’t know where to start

We can help with all of these digital marketing services through generalised ongoing support to help plug resource or knowledge gaps you have in your organisation. We can also specifically workshop or train in-house teams to help you upskill your workforce.


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