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Weiss Technik UK Digital Marketing Support

Weiss Technik UK are the local subsidiary of this global market leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers, plant growth chambers and pharma/medical air wash, air showers and air controlled environments.

  • Google Ads Management
  • Content Marketing & SEO
  • Business Awards Application
  • Analytics & Data Analysis
  • Hubspot Management

Weiss Technik are a global leader in environmental test chambers, with a presence in scores of countries across the globe.

We’ve helped the team at Weiss Technik with just about a little-bit-of-everything over the couple of years we’ve been working together to help them build a local presence for the brand that supports their offline activity.

Initially engaged to help out establish a stronger SEO presence for the brand after the removal of what was once a strong ‘’ website, that was then replaced with a ‘.com’ site, and then switched back to a ‘’, there was plenty to do! With the ‘.com’ site being an international website, headquartered in Germany, much of the language in the newly duped ‘’ website was in broken English that had clearly been translated by a non-native speaker.  And… being a duped off website that was a direct copy of the still existant EN-GB version on the .com top level domain, there was that nasty issue of duplication going on as well!

We also took over the Google Ads account, driving some very, very long lead enquiries through their ads account, which has necessitated working through the Hubspot, CRM and Lead Forensics accounts to tally, tidy and reconcile in order to demonstrate the pipeline value being driven back into the company. A 3,600%+ ROAS is not bad going as pipelines go we think!

Content marketing, press release writing, awards writing, authoring of advertorials and editorial features have also been a part of our journey with the WTUK team over the last couple of years. Writing across industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, hospitals and medical, aerospace, automotive, plant growth, engineering, manufacturing and electronics, we’ve had to wear many caps when turning out copy that’s authentic and authoratative for this world-leading environment test chamber and environmental simulation company.


Services include: Google Ads management, SEO, information architecture, content marketing, press release writing, advertorial, trade editorial, Hubspot management, analytics and data analysis.

The results: With numbers into the millions for pipeline delivery to the sales team, we’ve managed a handsome 3,600%+ ROAS for the company. An inspection of Google Search Console would tell you all you need to know about the SEO-friendly content marketing we’ve put in place to help the brand on organically too.


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