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Haws Watering Cans Google Ads & Social Ads Management

Haws Watering Cans have been manufacturing the most beautiful watering cans for over 130 years. A luxury brand in the world of gardening, with a patented design, you simply cannot better a Haws can. We help the team at Haws with ads management, and being keen gardeners, we’re also enthusiastic owners of a few watering cans by Haws too!

  • Google Ads management
  • Social Ads management

Haws Watering Cans are manufactured by hand in Birmingham with every attention to detail taken care of, to patented designs that are exactly the same as they were originally designed in 1886

Sought after as an object of beauty as well as the most perfectly designed, well-balanced cans you can find in the world, a Haws watering can is an investment for any keen gardener.

To help the team with a reliable source of ecommerce traffic, they asked us to take on Google Ads management for the brand. The website was still running Google Universal Analytics conversion tracking until late spring 2023, and so getting Google Tag Manager and a GA4 account up and running was an imperative first step to take to ensure we could maintain data-sharing with the Google Ads account after 1 July 2023.

The direct-to-consumer ecommerce shop runs alongside the many retail partner outlets that also carry Haws Watering Cans in-store and so running a series of campaigns to help support the brand for offline sales nurture as well as hit end-of-funnel customers who are ready to buy, we’ve helped maintain a steady 40%+ of sales through Google Ads for the brand.


Services include: Google Ads campaign design and management utilising Search, Shopping and PMax, including the implementation of GA4 via GTM in summer 2023 and a set up of GMC for organic and paid-for results. Implementation of Facebook Ads Christmas campaign to test the market.

The results: The paid-for search activity brings in the majority of revenue for the website, and has had to endure the storms of the transition from UA to GA4 during 2023, which has been a painless transition 😅


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