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Heck Food Digital Marketing Management

HECK Foods have a large marketing team, each bringing specialisms to the mix. We slot in to fill the content writing gap and other digital marketing needs.

  • content strategy and content writing
  • website management
  • company digital marketing KPIs
  • google ads management

Having worked with HECK Foods since 2015, offering digital marketing management support for the in-house marketing team, we’ve seen this brand grow into the UK’s leading premium sausage manufacturer in the UK it is today.

With distribution deals with all the major supermarket chains in the UK, and export deals abroad, there is a lot to oversee and a lot of relationships and sales channels to balance against each other.  The team at HECK Foods are always up for a challenge and frequently appear in the media and on TV shows such as The Apprentice, Inside The Factory and on Sky News slots.

The pace at HECK is always fast, always fun and in digital marketing terms, there is plenty to get your teeth into!


Services include: Content Marketing, SEO and Google Ads Management, and just about every digital marketing technique in between that feed into the cross-channel reporting for the brand.

The results: We aren’t going to tell you that our input is the sole reason HECK has become the biggest sausage brand in the UK. Or that they are also charging up the league tables with their vegan product offerings because of us, as that simply would not be true. The collective efforts of the amazing extended team, and the vision of the team at the top has led to them grabbing every marketing opportunity going to make a name for themselves and to become a household brand. I think you might be able to tell, we love working with Team HECK!


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