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SPA Landscaping was originally set up to provide commercial grounds management to commercial property owners across the UK. SPA Machinery and Petrol Post Driver were born from the needs of the original landscaping company to introduce tools to improve efficiencies for the landscaping teams.

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Established in 1980, brother and sister team Alex and Laurie have taken up the baton from their father and now lead a team of nearly 40 employees across three brands for SPA Landscaping Ltd.

Sheffield-based SPA Landscaping, SPA Power Machinery and Easy Petrol Post Driver appointed Destination Digital to guide their PPC strategy in early 2023.  Half set up, and certainly not producing results for the group of companies, we moved in to restructure *everything* in their Google Ads accounts, to get them up and running and producing sales.

SPA Machinery is the brand behind Westermann machines, best known for moss-clearing without chemicals or power washing, and for which SPA Machinery is the sole importer to the UK. Petrol Post Driver is a business set up by the family behind the group of businesses to sell the uniquely useful post drivers into agricultural, forestry and landscaping businesses. Selling direct to consumer on these brands is the aim of the support the two Google Ads accounts offers and we got the returns at a consistent average of 1000%+ ROAS within 2 months of getting started on these accounts.

In meantime, we were also asked to take on SPA Landscaping – the original company set up in 1980 to handle commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance contracts and that now services thousands of commercial properties across the UK. The aim was to increase the quality of inbound leads for this service based company.

Too many of the enquiries coming in were for domestic enquiries for hedge cutting and lawn mowing. Whilst SPA Landscaping do cut hedges, and do cut lawns, they don’t service domestic contracts and seek out large commercial properties. So we used our years of horticultural, agricultural, hobby gardener and commercial gardening experience to revamp the Google Ads accounts and started to produce so many high-quality enquiries that we had to ratchet the account right back to allow the sales team to catch up with the enquiries!

We have since been asked to help out with content marketing for the three brands too, so have turned our attentions to developing high-quality content to attract a greater share of the organic traffic available.


Services include: Revamping the entire Google Ads structure including Google Tag Manager, GA4 set up, conversion tracking and ads account structure. Content marketing is also a key part of the monthly deliverables, investing in SEO-friendly content to improve organic standing for the brands.

The results: 1500%+ ROAS immediately, demonstrating a pent up demand finally being serviced. We’ve since settled into a 1000%+ average over year one, producing a steady stream of d2c sales for the two ecommerce brands, and a steady pipeline of enquiries for the service brand in the group.


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