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We’ve worked on and off with White Peak Distillery for a few years now. Most recently, we’ve been involved in helping Max and team to deliver on a programme of ads and content to help make Christmas a very merry one, the White Peak way.

  • Digital marketing support including SEO and content marketing planning
  • Google Ads management
  • Facebook & Instagram ads management

White Peak Distillery is set to make history by becoming Derbyshire’s first whisky distillery in 2022. White Peak will also pick up the accolades of being the Peak District’s and the East Midland’s first whisky distillery too at a time that English Whisky is starting to make its mark. Early investors can be a part of this historical moment with the first release of whisky due out in early spring 2022.

We started working with White Peak Distillery back in 2019. We set out to work on building a name for the distillery as a *whisky* distillery to help bring this spirit to the fore over and above the immensely popular range of Shining Cliff gins that White Peak is very well-known for.

We began the process by SEO’ing the website’s current content to make the most of what was on the website already, and then performed some gap analysis to help determine what our content marketing plan should look like. As we started to build content around the whisky concept, we started to redress the balance and things looked rosy.

Then the November 2019 floods hit, flooding the distillery and taking out the Edwardian bridge that allowed visitors to cross the River Derwent to the distillery building for gin and whisky tasting tours. As a bread-and-butter form of income, as well as a way of building brand connections for White Peak, this was a huge blow. Luckily none of the whisky casks were affected, but it put a spanner in the works to say the least.

Just as the flooding issues and distillery tours seemed like they were coming under control a few months later, as anyone anywhere in the world will know, 2020 brought Covid19 and a series of UK lockdowns that have carried us through in one form or another right through to summer 2021.

It’s been a rocky ride and we’ve been there in an on-again, off-again ad hoc support role to help out when needed.  Max led a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier in 2021, the final UK lockdown was lifted and we are now looking forward to a much less bumpy ride as we look ahead.

“We’ve been working with Debbie since mid-2019 and she has significantly upped our game in digital marketing. She really knows her stuff and is very professional, efficient and can communicate clearly to the digital lay person! In areas such as this where consistency over time is required then relationships are key.”

Max Vaughan, Founder, White Peak Distillery


Services include: Content writing, SEO, Social and Google Ads management.

The results: We’ve been able to increase the distillery’s digital footprint to help it become a brand that is known for its whisky production. We’ve also been involved in tactically helping with the Christmas selling season each year. We don’t ‘stay inside our box’ and have also helped with off-digital opportunities such as connecting White Peak Distillery with in-person markets and a pop-up shop opportunity with our friends at the Northern Light Cinema too.


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