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Griffin Glasshouses social media management & blogging

For client Griffin Glasshouses, we provide a range of social media management & blogging support services that segues in with the wider marketing team.

  • blogging & guest blogging
  • social media management

We’ve worked with Griffin Glasshouses since 2013, covering social media management for this premium glasshouse manufacturer that is based in Hampshire. We’ve chased down the tails of ‘the other two’ premium names in this space, helping bring the Griffin Glasshouses brand to the fore.

Griffin Glasshouses create beautifully bespoke glasshouses, building their standalone glasshouses, lean-to and three-quarter offset ridge glasshouses in some of the UK’s finest gardens including Chiswick House, Pashley Manor, Cardigan Castle, Coton Manor, Holehird Gardens and Bishops Palace in Wells to name just a few.

They also have a range of glasshouses that raises money for the National Gardens Scheme with every sale, and have built glasshouses in two of Horatio’s Gardens amazing designs at the Gobowen and Stoke Mandeville Hospitals, designed by Bunny Guinness and Joe Swift respectively.

Debbie’s team has spent time nurturing engagement with garden designers, horticulturists, professional gardeners and landscape architects to great effect for the brand.  Online we also play our part in looking after the partnerships Griffin has with the NGS, Perennial, Plant Heritage and the Alpine Garden Society, as well as lead the slowest of burns in the world of considered purchases through high-quality, low-volume relationship building on social media.

Not everything in social media has to be a fast-growth hack. Slow and steady often wins the race with Griffin’s target audiences.

At Griffin we recognise how important it is to have someone who understands our product and brand and who can represent us as an online ambassador, someone we can trust to engage directly with clients and is on the same wavelength as us.

We see Debbie and her team as an extension of our own team and the work she does reaps results for us.   The service we get is conscientious, efficient and communicated well – all very essential qualities with a remote working supplier!

Linda Lane, Managing Director, Griffin Glasshouses


Services include: Social media management across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and blogging for the Griffin Glasshouses website, but also guest blogs for other brands.

The results: We’ve landed a handful of direct sales through social media and nurtured along lots of indirect sales too. Whilst ‘a handful’ might not sound like much, the revenue more than pays back the return on investment for our fee. And it’s revenue that matters at the end of the day.


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