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Darlac tools wanted to get a social media presence for the brand, so we’ve started from scratch for them on this. We now also blog and offer email and copywriting support for the garden tool brand too.

  • social media management
  • email marketing support
  • blogging and copywriting

Darlac Tools was a close knit family business that was acquired by another family-business we work for, Mr Fothergills Seeds. Since the acquisition, Darlac's market share has gone from strength to strength and now has much greater penetration in the UK garden centre and retail outlets network. Forecasts on growth show that these early years gains are set to continue, as getting the tools into more consumers’ hands has driven further consumer demand for Darlac.

Debbie and her team were drafted in to help support the in-house marketing capability for Darlac, starting with social media management to start the process of establishing a stronger digital footprint for the brand. They had no presence at all, and so we have started from scratch and have grown the audience among the UK’s hobby gardener and professional gardener communities.

We also provide content marketing services to help with strengthening the digital presence of the website, and we’ve also been asked to establish an email marketing strategy for the brand to help it gain more consumer brand awareness and engagement.

Being a sister brand to Mr Fothergill’s has had its advantages due to the synergies that can be achieved between the two brands. This has given us some early and very immediate results for the Darlac brand as we continue to build its own presence in its own right.

Online it’s great to see a strengthening following for the brand, and through social media we are nurturing relationships with garden centres and retail outlets to broaden the marketing support Darlac offers these businesses.  With e-commerce plans for the Darlac website on the horizon, we will also be working a new direct to consumer revenue stream for the brand.  There is much to do!


Services include: Content writing to a strategic content marketing plan, email marketing and social media management. We’ve also added functionalities to the website, and provided digital marketing strategic direction, offering 360 degree marketing support for the brand.

The results: The growth of this brand is in its infancy, but it is poised to go from strength to strength. The brand has already established itself with a much bigger digital presence, and alongside the field sales team’s efforts it won’t be long before you see Darlac everywhere!

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