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We provide a range of digital marketing support services for high-end interior lighting design business, Curiousa & Curiousa. A beautiful brand that’s based in our native Derbyshire, it’s easy marketing a product that you can really admire for the quality of workmanship that goes into each piece.

  • email marketing support
  • seo & copywriting
  • social media management
  • digital marketing support

Curiousa & Curiousa is a beautiful brand that’s well respected in interior design circles. Based in our native Derbyshire, they operate out of their Wirksworth studio producing hand blown glass lighting designs that utilise local glassblowers, carpenters and other skilled craftspeople to produce lights that are truly beautiful. The resulting designs are a sight to behold and it would be fair to say that photography doesn’t always do them the best justice, as they are even more stunning in real life.

Esther Patterson is the Creative Director behind the brand and she has a keen sense of how to market this premium interior design product to its best effect. Curiousa & Curiousa is much admired and Esther is constantly innovating to bring out something fresh which keeps the brand on the media’s radar.  She ensures that product photography is always of the highest quality, and that messaging this premium product is always on brand.

With an abundance of beautiful photography at our disposal, running the social media channels for this brand is a true joy and half the battle is already won. As a considered purchase, our job is to position the brand as a premium product and we reach out to the interior design community to build a network of marketing arms.

Initially, Debbie and her team spent some time reworking the website to improve SEO and conversion optimisation.  This has helped the website work harder for the brand on for greater visibility, and delivers more inbound enquiries too.

We are also involved in the digital marketing strategy that informs our social media and content writing activities. Working closely with Esther and her in-house team, we get involved in most things ‘digital marketing’ to help keep pushing the brand forwards.

The website now has a greater presence online organically, and structurally it’s in much better shape to do its job without losing any of the creative values of the brand. We work with the interior design communities online to help the brand capitalise on the frequent press pick up the brand gets. There is always some fresh momentum and new stories to tell which makes this a dream job.

“We’ve worked with Debbie for three of years now and her very meticulous work has really helped us. Now people search the internet and they can actually find us and it’s definitely improved our sales no end.

Over the years we were finding it harder and harder to have a presence on merit alone as the big boys know how to steal all the internet space from smaller businesses. We really needed someone like Destination Digital to give us a fighting chance for a presence. Debbie is also hot on our social media. She looks after us so well; posting our images, reposting good posts and replying to queries. She’s extremely thorough.”

Esther Patterson, Design Director Curiousa & Curiousa


Services include: Digital marketing strategy, blogging, email marketing support and social media management.

The results: Curiousa & Curiousa has established itself as a brand to watch, having just passed its 10 year anniversary in 2020. Since beginning work with Esther and her team, enquiries have increased significantly. The magic of Instagram gets sprinkled on the brand frequently, which is a key driver of awareness and sales enquiries for the brand which have increased by over 220% since we started working together.


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