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The Rules On Instagram Hashtags Has Changed Again

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google and Twitter are always having a change around. So it will come as no surprise to hear that there have been more changes on Instagram related to hashtags.

After recommending up to 30 hashtags with an optimal magic number of 17 hashtags on Instagram for a long time, Instagram dropped the recommended number to 6 or 7 highly focussed hashtags recently. This neatens up posts and comments hugely without the burden of a massive hashtag cloud getting in the way and so is a welcome algorithm change that should help your posts get better reach by closely aligning them to the subject matter in hand, as well as make everything look nicer at the same time.

The received wisdom previously was also to place your hashtags cloud as a first comment. This was said to be the best way of neatening up your original post, but also worked the algorithm more effectively.  In fact this is something that you can do at point of queuing up your main post on a platform like Buffer for instance, which was a handy tool.

This recommendation has now changed though, where it is now considered to be better practice to add hashtags either within the flow of text in the post itself, or at the bottom of your posts… just like in the olden days!

So there you go, a couple of top tips in a post that is short and sweet!

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