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How To Find Your Numeric Facebook ID

It’s not often that you need your numeric Facebook ID, and it’s pretty well hidden, but occasionally, just occasionally, you might have cause to know where it is so that you can use it. Here’s how.

You don’t need to do this very often, but it is soooo frustrating when you try to find your Facebook numeric ID. So we wrote a quick guide. Bookmark this page!


What is a Facebook Page or Profile ID?

Every Facebook page and profile has a numeric user ID associated with it. You usually only ever see the username – for example – where you will no doubt recognise the phrase after the forward slash as your “Facebook Page name”.

Very occasionally though, you need to know what the numeric user ID is. This is a string of numbers that doesn’t identify a page or a profile directly, but that is connected with each Facebook account as a unique identifier.

In our case – and the reason we wrote this blog – we find that when we are scheduling Facebook posts in Buffer, we often want to tag other company pages. Buffer isn’t as elegant at presenting your options back to you as Hootsuite is, and sometimes can’t find the Facebook page you want at all even if you type in the whole username.

In these cases we need to rely on similarly named pages options, coupled with the numeric ID that is presented underneath the various options you are offered. See the screengrab below where we have typed in the username character for character, but Buffer still isn’t presenting us with the correct page to tag, so we need instead to find the numeric ID and type that in instead, in order for us to find the page we want to tag:

How do I find the numeric Facebook ID for my Facebook page or profile?

If you are familiar with HTML code, this is the simplest way to find your ID. If you have never looked at a HTML tag in your life, don’t fear, it’s super simple if you follow these instructions.

  • Go to the Facebook Page you would like to find the ID for.
  • Right click your mouse on the page and select ‘view page source’
  • A new tab will pop up.
  • Press Ctrl-F, and then enter “owning_profile_id” to search for this phrase in the code
  • After this you will see a string of numbers in speech marks. This is your Facebook page’s numeric Facebook ID.

To see this in action, you can see that for our Facebook page these two web links below point at exactly the same page, so the number below is our numeric ID:


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