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Instagram Hack For Dealing With Frequently Asked Questions In Your DMs

If you’ve got a busy Instagram DM inbox, you probably find yourself saying same thing over and over to direct people to the place they need to be. So you’ll need a hack for that.

When you are the social media manager for a busy set of social profiles you will find yourself repeating what you have just said to someone else over and over. Instagram has always made it a bit awkward to manage the accounts on there fully without having to rely heavily on your phone and access via the app for the ‘full Instagram experience’, so repeatedly typing things out with your thumbs on a tiny keyboard can get a bit frustrating at times.

So practice this hack, and save yourself a bag load of hassle and time!

If, for instance, you look after a brand that requires the customer gets in touch with the sales team on an email address for a customised price that you can’t deal with on Insta, you might spend a lot of time telling people to email the team.

Perhaps you might have a particular process to raise a refund request where the customer needs to go to a form on a page on your website to make a claim… and so you spend a lot of time pointing them at this web address.

Or you might type something similar each time to acknowledge comments or story post tags in your inbox and would like to speed things up. These and, no doubt, many other examples end up becoming repeated DMs you need to send out daily. And no one needs to go typing them out in long-hand every time.

When you next write one of these DMs, after you have written it, click and hold on the message to bring up a ‘save’ option (see the illustration on the left above).  You can then save this message with a shortcut word of your choosing – choose a word you will remember like ‘sales’ or ‘refund’ or ‘thanks’.

The next time you get a DM asking the very same question, just type your shortcut word and you will see the blue ‘three dots’ icon come up in the message box. Click this and it will populate the message with your ready-made blurb.

Super simple to use Instagram hack that will gift you back a load of typing time.


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