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Can You Block Someone On LinkedIn?

Every now and again, we get asked questions that we don’t yet have the answer to, and this question was one of them. Our initial gut reaction was ‘no you can’t’, because mostly it hasn’t occurred to us that anyone might want to do so. The answer it turns out, is both yes and no. Read on!


Can I block someone from seeing my personal profile on LinkedIn?

The answer to this one is yes.

Although we all know that you can ‘disconnect’ with connections on LinkedIn, this question was about blocking someone entirely, which is a different question entirely.

So, to disconnect with someone, you do this:

  • Go to the profile of the person you want to disconnect with
  • Click ‘more’ and then choose ‘remove connection’.
  • Obviously… to do this, you already have to be a first degree connection…

But to block them or any other person on Linkedin from following your updates you have to:

  • Choose the ‘report/block’ option from the same drop down under ‘more’
  • (and to do this, you have to click on their profile and so will turn up on their ‘who’s viewed my profile’ report as a result).

You will be given the option to block the person, thus disconnecting with them at the same time. Or you are given the option to report the profile. You are also prompted to choose an alternative route if you wish to report content that someone has put out by clicking on a specific post or content you object to and reporting it from there. Again, look for the three dots/more menu to access these features.


Can I stop someone from listing themselves as being part of my Company Page on LinkedIn?

The answer to this one is both yes and no.

The ‘no’ part is easy and comes first. You can’t get someone to rewrite their CV because you don’t want them showing up as an employee anymore. When you look at employees listed under a Company Page, some of them are ex-employees and now working elsewhere.  Some of them haven’t updated their profile in a while and might have left some loose ends. Your current employees will always come up at the top of the list, followed sometimes by former employees subject to the vagaries of how LinkedIn puts this list together.

Whatever the circumstances of their leaving, you aren’t able to get an ex-employee to entirely erase their history with you, as that would not be factually or legally correct. In fact LinkedIn go to pains to point out not to perjure yourself in reporting profiles to them for this purpose.

When it comes to individuals, their profile belongs to them ultimately and not you, the Company. You do have the right to get them to make their listing factually correct though. The best way to do this is to be in touch with them and ask them to make the corrections you need of them.

This segues nicely with the flip side where you have people who have incorrectly claimed that they work with your Company and what you should do about that.

So, if you have an ex-employee that has incorrectly listed something on their profile and you can’t speak with them directly, OR you have a totally random person who says they work for you when they never have, then you need to get the help of LinkedIn.

  • Simply click this link, then click the contact us link on the page (you need to be logged into your account to do this):
  • Fill out the form on this ‘contact us’ page answering all the questions and give a good (and legally robust) reason why you need LinkedIn to make a correction on your behalf.
  • LinkedIn will then open a dispute and be in touch with the person you would like to have amend their profile until the matter is resolved. They state a 14 day turnaround time.

This isn’t something we have ever had to do, but we would guess that LinkedIn is just as ‘helpful’ and ‘responsive’ as Facebook and Google are in these matters, which is to say, don’t get your hopes up too high.

Many of these social platforms have fairly frustrating and unbendable rules when it comes to dealing with actual issues requiring actual humans review the matter, and so if it doesn’t go your way, then you may have to resort to law to push the matter through those routes instead.

If you have done this and know more about how the process works in reality, we’d love to hear from you!


Can I block someone from following my Company Page on LinkedIn?

The answer to this one is no.

Your Company Page is public and so you can’t stop anyone from following the page and seeing its updates.

What you can do though is report comments on your posts if they are malicious, or you can report reshares that are malicious in the same way too.

Bonus question: Can I make my LinkedIn profile totally private?

The answer to this one is yes, but our question would be ‘why would you want to?’  It’d be far easier to just remove yourself from a networking platform if you aren’t open to networking.

A technique that a lot of people use is to go into private mode when snooping other people’s profiles so that they won’t come up on their ‘who’s viewed your profiles’ report. You access that by selecting ‘Me’ in the top navigation on LinkedIn, and then selecting ‘settings and privacy’ from the drop down menu.

On the left hand side from here, you need to click ‘Visibility’ and then ‘profile viewing options’ where you can become an anonymous LinkedIn member by selecting ‘Private Mode’.  This then allows you to go snooping around on LinkedIn and people won’t be able to identify you as having looked at them. This is often used by job seekers, head hunters and people snooping on their competitors. Also used by stalkers who want to look at someone’s profile but that don’t want to reveal themselves as having done so. We aren’t fond of private mode it has to be said.

But again, this question took this one step further and was about making a profile entirely invisible.

To do this, two places down on the same ’Visibility’ page is an ‘edit your public profile’ option. Click this to see what other people see when they come across your profile on LinkedIn.

In the right hand column are options to help you show or not show parts of your profile under differing network connection scenarios, and at the top is a big green toggle button that lets you turn off your profile’s public visibility entirely.

When you flick this switch, this means that no one can see you at all. But again, we would ask… ‘what’s the point?’.


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