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You Can Get A Multi-Thousand Pounds Order From A Single Tweet!

In this series of articles, we are here to tell you that digital marketing isn’t the silver bullet that will fix all your business issues in one fell swoop.  This week, we bust the myth that you can get a multi-thousand pounds order from a single tweet.

We’ve all seen it before.  Social media agencies will brag about the single tweet or LinkedIn post that led to a customer booking a £10,000 order and this is the headline of those posts, promising businesses the same results.  You also see the same kinds of headlines by Google Ads agencies ‘proving’ they have a consistent ROAS of over 1000%, or content marketing companies that say they have generated thousands of pounds worth of orders through a single blog. There is a reason these agencies pick these examples out as their headlines. It is because they are exceptional, and being exceptional means that these examples are not commonplace.

Yes, you *can* get a single multi-thousand pounds order from a single social media post. It has happened that the ‘last-click’ from an enquirer was Twitter, Linkedin or whatever, but it won’t be a case of that new customer having seen your brand for the first time via that solo social media post and they have immediately thought to themselves, ‘I need to take out a new multi-thousand pounds contract with these people right away!’

Most especially if you retail products or services with price tags in the hundreds or thousands of pounds range, you are selling what is known in marketing terms as a ‘considered purchase’. You aren’t going to see impulse buys very often in this sort of price range and you can bet your bottom dollar that the new customer ‘acquired by a single tweet’ was already brand aware, had checked out your website or seen the brand at a trade show; they had probably also spoken with someone else who passed on a tip by word of mouth and had a strong sense of what they were signing up for already. They were already a long way down the sales funnel when ‘that tweet’ made them finally commit to their decision.

So what’s the real scenario?

Just like food disclaimers where they state, ‘this can help as part of a balanced diet’, so it goes with any one digital marketing discipline like social media.

Social media should be one strand in a multi-channel marketing strategy. Social media is an amplifier for a brand’s message and not its sole raison d’etre. Social media messaging should follow the lead of the brand’s core marketing campaigns and help push people over the line with a mix of pure brand messaging, coupled with some direct calls to action that help people click through to persuade them to make that sale.

Social media is brilliant for nurturing a sale from lazy people, delivering the message to them when they don’t want to go seeking that information themselves. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been asked on social posts ‘how much is that product?’ or ‘where do I buy this?’ on a post that has a link through to that product which contains… the price, and an online shopping basket!

In these cases, we see social media as a concierge or personal shopper service. Sometimes people just like to be handheld through the whole process and individual product-orientated posts help you to showcase what’s in your range and deliver it to the eyeballs of the people who are never going to Google you.

Social media takes time, patience and a consistent posting routine to make the most of it for your brand, and every now and again you will find that one post does really well for you.


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