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The Diary of a Digital Marketing Apprentice: TikTok Reposts vs. Instagram Notes

In my latest Diary of a Digital Marketing Apprentice blog, I take a look at the latest battle between TikTok and Instagram and their newest features: TikTok Reposts and Instagram Notes, and which of the two new features is taking the lead.

Hello and I am Ed, Destination Digital’s newest hire and working through a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship here in Bakewell. As part of learning the ropes on content creation, I wrote my first blog about being newly exposed to the world of SEO, and in this blog, I am writing about two of the biggest hitters in the social media space – TikTok and Instagram.


How to find TikTok’s new repost feature

If you are a regular TikTok consumer or TikTok creator, then there’s no doubt you’ll have at some point come across the new TikTok video repost feature as you’ve been flicking through your “For You” feed. For the people who don’t use TikTok, I will explain a bit more about what this new feature is.

TikTok reposting is where you will see a video on TikTok and you have the option to click the little “repost” button at the bottom of the screen. This action then displays the video on a section of your profile which is visible to all of your followers if your account is private or anyone who views your profile if your account is public.

As an example of where to find the button, if you look at the above image, you can see the little yellow two-way arrow button titled “Repost” in the middle set of buttons on the left. Once you click this button, the video will be displayed publicly via the repost tab on your profile so other TikTok users can see.


How is the TikTok Repost feature useful for businesses and content creators?

Firstly, this new feature is great for content creators on TikTok, as when someone reposts their video it gives them a much wider reach. For example, say a third party TikTok account reposts one of your videos and they have a thousand followers, there is potential for the video to get a thousand views from just one repost, all at no extra effort to you.

Not only does this feature support content creators, but it also helps businesses, and TikTok’s algorithm, to see the type of content people are engaging with, as both can physically see the content that people are reposting. In terms of posting on TikTok for business, this allows businesses to hone in on the type of content they could be creating to get users to engage with them and their product/service.

This new feature probably also serves TikTok very well. For many younger people using social media, one of their driving reasons to being online is to be entertained, but also talk to their friends through private messaging. A habit on social platforms when finding informative or entertaining posts is to DM them to friends.

Whilst this is great for helping promote the virality of a post, it’s a hard fought battle getting extra exposure one DM-recipient at a time. To allow reposts allows people to curate a timeline of ‘funnies’, or to niche down into a particular type of posts, to not only reach their friends, but other followers that are following their accounts too. So it has the potential to bring the virality of posts onto the public timelines rather than keep all those viewing stats hidden behind private messaging closed doors.


How Does TikTok’s Repost Feature Compare with Instagram’s Notes Feature?

TikTok reposts vs Ig notes

If you are an avid Instagram user, you will by now have seen the new notes feature in the messaging area on the Instagram app.

The Instagram Notes feature was released in December 2022 to challenge social media competitors, such as TikTok. TikTok rolled out video reposts shortly before notes was released, now that doesn’t sound like a coincidence, does it? This feature also brings text-only updates to the platform which could well have been in response to Twitter, which is a platform that doesn’t rely on images or video for posting. Elon Musk has been really active on ‘developing’ Twitter since he took over, and so this might also be a response to a change in that landscape too.

So, how is Instagram Notes similar to TikTok’s Repost feature? Well, they both help people express their thoughts and feelings to their followers with ease. However, they do have some differences, with the biggest one being the fact you cannot share a video with your thoughts on Instagram Notes, whereas you can with TikTok Reposts. Another difference is how long notes stay live; notes only stay up for 24 hours, but reposts stay up permanently (unless removed).

The new TikTok Reposts feature seems to be a hit with users, however, we have not seen the same popularity with Instagram Notes. On my own personal Instagram feed, my connections only seem interested in this feature for the first few days, but it didn’t seem to pick up with influencers and content creators. Published last year on this blog, my colleagues also checked out BeReal, which also seems to have stagnated after an initial flurry of activity. The same can be said for Threads.

In my opinion, the reason for the massive difference in popularity between the two features can be explained fairly simply: what would you rather do, watch a video or read some plain text?

Thank you for reading, keep your eyes peeled for future blogs!


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