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HECK’s Expansion Plans See Them Introduce A Vertical Farm & Enter The Cooked Snacks Market

HECK have had a quick-paced year so far, and so as we move into the 6th month of 2021, there’s even more to tell as the brand carries on forwards like a juggernaut.


A New Vertical Farm Will See HECK Reducing Food Miles On Herbs Used In Their Recipes

The brand use tonnes and tonnes of basil in their best-selling Chicken Italia and Vegan Italia lines, and quality assurance on the taste can be tricky if the exact variety of basil isn’t grown and supplied. So the first task of the new hi-tech Vertical Farm at HECK will be to grow this crop.  The vertical farm is a first for HECK, but also a world first, with the brand being the only producer to ‘grow its own’ on site.

The brand is also experimenting with growing micro-nutrients to help them pack even more protein, vitamins and minerals into their Vegan range, so the future looks LED-bright!

HECK founder Andrew Keeble was interviewed on Sky about the Vertical Farm and HECK’s future plans. Their expansion will see them creating more new jobs for the local community in Yorkshire as their product range grows once more.

A Move Into Cooked Snacks Is A New Direction, With Plenty More In The Pipeline

Already in 2021, HECK have introduced a Chocolate Sausage and an Alcohol-Free Beer, but rather than rest on their laurels, they have now branched out into the cooked snacks market with the recently introduced cooked chicken and pork cocktail sausages in Tesco stores.

Hot on the heels of these cocktails sausages, HECK have gone one step further with the introduction of cocktail sausages with tasty dips to give people extra choices at the chillers in Boots and WHSmith stores.

Dubbed the Bangin’ Bites range, you can find out more on the HECK website or find the products in Boots, Tescos and WHSmith’s stores across the UK.


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