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FSB Business Networking in Bakewell Has Become A Bit Of A Thing. Join Us.

We’re embarking on high-summer in the Peak District with a bounce in our step. FSB Business Networking in Bakewell has passed its probationary period and is now a bit of a thing. Come and join us!

We’re super proud to have brought together the Federation of Small Businesses and the Peak District National Park Authority to bring business networking to our home-town of Bakewell. We’re even more proud to be able to announce that having sailed through the first 4 months, that we’re going to programme these sessions through the rest of the year.

Having heard from:

We’re back again on 26 July with a summer celebration where this time, the attendees are the stars of the show.

So how about a roll call of everyone who has been along to one or more of the sessions so far?

Hello 👋 to:

It’s been great meeting you all and we hope to see you at an event again sometime very soon.

Who is this networking event for?

Anyone from any kind of business, big or small, is welcome to come along to the networking events and we’ve seen a whole range of people. Our next two events in Bakewell will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other businesses, big and small, and discover new ways in which we can support each other and the local area.

So, whether you’re looking for some new clients, want to broaden your horizons or simply meet new people and businesses from the local area, then please come along!


When are the events?

We now have dates for the rest of the year and are busy lining up the speakers for each event.

  • The next networking event will be held at the Peak District National Park headquarters on 26 July from 5pm-6:30pm. This will be a summer celebration with a speed networking style gathering where we all get to know each other a little better.
  • The one following that will be held on 16 August from 5pm-6.30pm – **really important** – we need people to sign up for this one to check for interest in the middle of the summer holidays. If we don’t get enough people signed up, we will postpone until the next date in September. Click here to book your spot and let us know you’re coming along!
  • 20 September from 5pm to 6.30pm – back to school! Let’s share some goals we want to achieve before the year is out. Suzanne Dixon will talk to us about Health & Safety considerations for small businessses.
  • 18 Octoberfrom 5pm to 6.30pm – Eldon Chinyamakobvu will talk to us about the use of AI for business.
  • 22 November from 5pm to 6.30pm – a pre-Christmas break gathering.

We will then have a break until the New Year, and will welcome in 2024 together with a New Year celebration.


How do I sign up?

Find out more about the guest speaker at the event, and book a free space to join us via this link on the FSB website:

See the list in the section above for future dates.

The address is: Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, DE45 1AE

We look forward to meeting new faces and welcoming back familiar ones!


Is there a digital space to hang out?

Of course there is!  If you want to keep in touch with people you’ve met at the Bakewell sessions, then please do join this Facebook group. It’s a private group, so you can feel free to interact freely within the group and promote your business and your events:

We will post updates on the upcoming sessions in the group and hope to invite some lively conversation in the group. Jump on in, even you haven’t met us in person yet and say hello.


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