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Are You A Great British Business Hero? We’ll Be The Judge Of That!

Support for small business comes from all sorts of sources, and now there is an award for that. If your business is a Great British Business Hero, then let us be the judge of that in this award to celebrate small business champion organisations across the UK.

2022 is coming to a close and for many businesses, and that means keeping an eye on what is coming for us next in 2023, so we need all the support we can get!  Small businesses account for 99.9% of the business population, three fifths of the employment and around half of turnover in the UK private sector. They are a literal lifeline for the economy and have been responsible for ‘bounce back’ in ways that larger firms haven’t got the agility to deliver when times get tough. And times have been tough the last few years.

The Great British Business Heroes awards seeks to shine a spotlight and champion those who excel in supporting growing small businesses in Great Britain, and so when approached to be a judge by the organisers, Debbie jumped at the chance.

With categories as diverse as Accelerator/Incubator of the Year, Small Business Membership Organisation of the Year and Zero Carbon Support of the Year, there is plenty of choice to help celebrate all those organisations who work tirelessly to keep on giving small businesses that helping hand they need to survive.

Debbie was invited to speak earlier in October at two FSB Awards 2023 in-person events on the benefits of using awards in your marketing in Derby and Nottingham. We also discovered we were finalist in the Forward Ladies Awards 2022 in October, meaning Debbie recently sat through judging for for that too.  So, to be now exploring the benefits and processes behind judging awards is apt for the business awards theme that seems to be dominant for us here at Destination Digital Marketing this month.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the submissions. In the meantime, if you know an organisation that richly deserves the recognition of being dubbed a Great British Business Hero, then point them in the direction of


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