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Take An Interactive Tour Of Mr Fothergill’s Trials Ground

We have been travelling down to the Mr Fothergill’s Trials ground in Kentford for Press Day for years now, and as a super geek gardening fan, it’s like arriving in heaven! This year we produced something very special indeed, with the help of Laura Firth, a local-to-us-here-in-Derbyshire drone pilot known otherwise as Mini Aperture.

We have been working with Mr Fothergill’s for ages, and with the brand wanting to take a new direction in terms of engaging with Influencers and content creators on Instagram, we started to look at Press Day and how this could be used at a mechanic for engaging with influencers.

One of the biggest draws in the home gardening and garden design world is RHS Chelsea which will bring people clambering on hands and knees over broken glass to attend or to get a coveted ticket. From the press we’ve talked to who come to visit Mr Fothergill’s each year, they have shared that they feel pretty strongly about Mr Fothergill’s Press Day too.

And so the very first Mr Fothergill’s Influencer Day was born!

We’ll let you read the blog about that at your leisure, but this piece is all about showcasing the work we produce with Laura Firth over at Mini Aperture, which if we do say so ourselves, turned out pretty amazing.

In thinking about all the amazing content that the Influencers were going to be making we had to scratch our heads to think about what we could do as the brand that would be on par with some of the headturning content our guests were going to produce. It didn’t take many logical steps to take a look at the Trials Ground itself, a thing of beauty and a source of fascination for gardneing enthusiasts and so it was decided that the Trials Ground would become a star of the show.

We also put together a film, so for all the people who aren’t able to be there to take a tour of the day:

You can see all the great content produced by the content creators who joined us on the day on this blog, and you can also check out what our results were too.

Influencer marketing is a phrase that gets bandied around, and the execution of ideas can be costly, so has to be something that will provide a great return on investment. We think we did a pretty good job here!

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