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Support Local Charity SHE UK This International Women’s Day

If you can imagine a gender equal world, free of bias and stereotypes, free of discrimination and abuse, then you will have no problem at all helping mark International Women’s Day 2022 by offering your support to a local charity, SHE UK, that provides support for (mainly) women.

70% of the 1.3 billion people worldwide living in poverty are women. Women earn 23% less than men globally, are underrepresented in higher levels of business management and in positions of governmental leadership. New Zealand is the youngest country on the Earth but it was also the first self-governing nation to allow women to vote, which is an astonishing fact. One in three women worldwide – and 1 in 4 in the U.K. – have experienced physical or sexual violence, and there is not a single country in the world that can claim to have a gender equality yet. We like to hang on to the word “yet”.

We are supporting a local charity to mark #InternationalWomensDay and we would love it if you would join us by donating just a few pounds to the cause. The charity is SHE UK, who have been selected to take part in a fundraising match-fund campaign. For every pound they raise this week from today, the Government will match the amount up to a total of an extra ÂŁ2,500. This means a lot to a small, local charity.


As a cash-strapped charity that provides a vital service for people who are adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and rape, they need every penny they can raise in order to continue to offer the free counselling and peer group self-development courses that they have been offering to people for over 20 years.

One year on from the terrible murder of Sarah Everard, police have been told to make violence against women and girls a priority and for it to get the same status as terrorism. Whilst this is welcome, it’s also alarming that in 2022 we are only just deciding as a society to upgrade this kind of crime. Intimate partner violence and sexual violence is a major public health problem and is also a violation of the victims’ human rights but it is also one of the more widely under-reported crimes due to the stigmas attached to these violations and the difficulty of moving cases like these through the judicial system.

The effects of abuse on the survivors’ lives persist for many years after the events, with some people taking their trauma with them to their graves. It is hard for people who have not experienced such things to even begin to understand how people are able to carry on having absorbed the trauma in an attempt to build a normal life. Survivors are often left with complex mental health issues that make building healthy relationships difficult. SHE offer counselling and self development courses to help empower survivors to enable them to enter education, work and to reduce the feelings of isolation they have to low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Find out more about where your money will go by clicking through on this link, and please dig into those pockets to offer even just a few pounds to help #BreakTheBias.

We’d love it if you would help us share this message far and wide. And most importantly…

>>>> 💷 DONATE HERE!💷  <<<<


Fundraising update for SHE UK

The fundraiser mentioned in this blog is now over, so thank you to everyone who donated. If you have found this blog and would still like to contribute to the charity, then visit the donations page on the SHE UK website here: 


Mental Health Crisis Helplines and Listening Services

If you are in mental health crisis and would like to talk to someone, here are some useful phone numbers:

You can also visit your GP, A&E or call 111, where you might then be referred to a Crisis Team who will then offer a team of mental health professionals to support you.

There is also an NHS urgent mental health helpline, that can be accessed by answering a couple of questions here – 

Alternatively, you can receive support by text with a service run by Mental Health Innovations. Just text “SHOUT” to 85258 for free from all major UK mobile networks. You’ll then be connected to a volunteer for an anonymous conversation by text message.

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