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Stretton Manor Barn Takes the Crown: Voted Best Wedding Barn Venue in the UK!

Following another year of fulfilling dreams, Stretton Manor Barn has soared to new heights by clinching not just the title of the Best Barn Wedding Venue in the East Midlands at this year’s Wedding Industry Awards, but also claiming the crown of the Best Barn Venue in the entire UK! 💍

 Nestled amidst the Derbyshire countryside, Stretton Manor Barn captivates with its picturesque charm, embraced by the relaxing beauty of Derbyshire’s rolling hills. It’s a timeless venue that has garnered such great recognition in the wedding industry.

Back in 2012, owners Steve and Mark Barnes embarked on a journey fuelled by passion and dedication, venturing into the intricate world of the wedding industry. Their mission? To organise and develop unforgettable moments for couples as they embark on life’s greatest adventure together.

Over the years, they’ve poured their heart and soul into Stretton Manor Barn, carefully crafting every aspect to ensure each wedding day unfolds as a fairy tale. From beautiful flower arrangements to exquisite culinary delights, every detail is carefully put together to create a magical mix of love and joy!

Their relentless commitment to being amazing has not only made couples delighted but has also got the wedding scene buzzing, winning both local and national awards for the Best Wedding Barn Venue in the 2024 Wedding Industry Awards. This big win is proof of their refusal to settle for anything less than perfect and their belief that every detail, big and small, matters.

So, here’s to Stretton Manor Barn, as they continue to make dreams come true and love flourish!


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