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Faith In Nature Release A Natural Dog Shampoo Range For Pooch Pampering!

Faith In Nature have answered the prayers of many dog parents and groomers across the country by launching a new range of natural dog shampoos! With products in a range of fragrances, formulations and sizes, there is no pooch unaccounted for – so have a browse on the Faith In Nature website.

With a surge in households welcoming a new 4-legged family member into their homes during the pandemic, and the increase in demand for dog grooming services, Faith In Nature are definitely barking up the right tree by bringing out this paraben free, 100% biodegradable dog shampoo collection in 3 delightful fragrances: Coconut, Lavender, and Chamomile.

Each fragrance is tailored to specific dog age and coat type to help you pamper your pooch to perfection.

  • The coconut range contains organic coconut oil that is designed to naturally detangle and hydrate coats, making it perfect for curly coats and knotty nightmares.
  • The lavender shampoo collection will deeply cleanse and deodorise even the muckiest of pups! Specifically formulated with vitamin E and pH-balanced to be gentle on your dog’s skin. Fox poo doesn’t stand a chance with this range!
  • For small pups and dogs with sensitive skin, the chamomile range is the best choice. The mild shampoo contains calming essential oils to gently cleanse but give a good overall thorough clean. This one sounds very relaxing… If only they had this fragrance for humans too!

Dog owners can purchase each of fragrances in the dog shampoo collection in one of three ways; as a 400ml dispenser bottle, and/or a 5l refill bottle, and for those who want to a zero-waste dog shampoo there is also a 100% natural origin ingredients shampoo bar format.

We’re no stranger to the world of Faith In Nature, and their fast-growing catalogue of wonderfully affordable, natural products. We recently pitched in to help launch the new look website for the brand. Some recent product news (for humans!) earlier this year is the introduction of 3 new fragranced Hand & Body Lotions that combines organic essential oils and other natural ingredients that include an ethically-traded shea butter base. So visit the website and make a purchase – one for you and one for the pooch!


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