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New Potteries Auctions Website is Top of the Lots

Potteries Auctions is a long-standing client of ours, so naturally we jumped at the chance when they asked us to redesign their website, along with help from our good friend Thom at Abergast. Despite specialising in 20th-century pottery, the new website has brought the brand right into the present day, with a simple yet sophisticated design that’s easy to navigate while giving you all the information you need.

Established in 1991, Potteries Auctions is now one of the leading UK auction houses dealing in 20th-century British pottery. Operating from two salerooms and based in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries, they specialise in buying and selling pottery at auction, but auction items across a range of other specialist areas too, from paintings, prints and Fine Art, to jewellery, watches and timepieces, and many more collectable items. They also offer a range of commercial clearance, house clearance, and valuation services.

The old Potteries website was relying on some very dated systems, which over time were starting to buckle and break under the pressure of hosting such large quantities of content as each new auction was added – which would create 1000s of new webpages per auction catalogue – limiting the website’s functionality and performance. It was definitely overdue a revamp!

Now, with the hosting of the auction catalogues being outsourced to a third-party auctioning platform, our fully SEO’d webpage content, and with Thom building the new website from scratch in WordPress with our streamlined sitemap for reference, it’s easier for both customers and staff behind the scenes alike to use. We also regularly consulted the Potteries team at each stage to make sure that everybody’s visions were aligning as we went along.

It was also important to maintain the website’s healthy digital footprint by carrying over the content that we’ve produced for the Potteries website blog, and make sure that any redirects are put in place where necessary to keep our hardest working articles serving their purpose. By tailoring articles to answer a multitude of pottery and other collectable related queries and questions for SEO purposes, we’ve helped generate millions of clicks and impressions over the years for the Potteries websites, with our series of pottery markings guides focusing on popular British pottery makers proving incredibly valuable to maintaining good Google search visibility.

Since the new website’s launch over the summer, there’s been positive feedback on the site’s updated layout and simplified navigation, including the introduction of new ‘contact us’ and ‘book a valuation’ forms. Potteries Auctions’ investment in their website will certainly help to build upon the new demographic of people that became interested in online auctions while being stuck at home during the pandemic, as well as keeping long-time customers happy.

We’re sure that you’ll love the new website as much as we do – take a look here:

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