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It’s a Sizzling September with New HECK Product Drops

After a miserable summer, September kicked off to a sizzling start, and HECK’s keeping the heat going with an exciting line-up of brand new products for you to wrap your taste buds around. From a new Asian inspired Pork Mince to a family-sized pack of succulent Pork Chipolatas, HECK is packing a punch on the supermarket shelves this month. Plus, there’s a special surprise for eager fans of Eggchup as this controversial condiment is now available to pre-order online. Oh, and did we mention Lamb Burgers on Ocado?


Enjoy Authentic Flavours with HECK Asian Mince

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, then you’re in for a treat with HECK’s new limited edition Asian Mince. Launched in Aldi on 14 September, their delicious mince is bursting with authentic flavours thanks to dashings of sticky soy sauce, fiery ginger, chilli and spring onions, creating a taste experience that’s reminiscent of your favourite Asian dishes.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new product, HECK sent us an exclusive meal kit that included everything we needed to cook up some tasty bao buns using HECK Asian Mince. The recipe was super quick and simple to follow, and our plates were filled with steaming bao buns in no time. The flavours were absolutely to-die-for, so it’s safe to say the recipe gets a 5-star review from us. We’ve included a reel below of our not so aesthetic presentation…

So, whether you’re craving mouth-watering stir-fries, spicy curries or delicious dumplings, head on down to Aldi if you fancy giving HECK’s new mince a try, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!


Feed the Family with HECK Pork Chipolatas

If mince doesn’t quite take your fancy, then you might want to try HECK’s new Pork Chipolatas, which have just landed in Tesco stores across the country. With 10 to a pack, their new Pork Chipolatas are set to become the star of your next family meal or BBQ (weather pending), as there’s plenty to go around! HECK are masterminds when it comes to dreaming up new sausages, no matter how traditional, so you can bet your bottom dollar that HECK Pork Chipolatas are packed full flavour and only the best quality British pork.

Eggchup Exists!

In other egg-citing news, fans of Eggchup will be pleased to know that they can now pre-order the eggy alternative to ketchup on HECK’s website.

HECK is known for pushing boundaries, and Eggchup is certainly no exception. A mixture of runny egg yolk and salt, this controversial sauce caused a stir when it made headlines at the end of last year. A bit like marmite, people weren’t sure whether to love it or hate it. Over the course of the year, HECK have kept tight-lipped about this product, and so Eggchup became a thing of legend…until now! Eager customers have been asking for Eggchup for months, and now their prayers have finally been answered.

If you’ve been waiting for eggchup to drop, then make sure to head over to HECK’s website and pre-order here for delivery on 28 September, and it could be on your sausage sandwich very soon!


Did Someone Say HECK Lamb Burgers?

Finally, if you’re one for a luxury burger every now and then, you need to try HECK Lamb Burgers. Available on Ocado, they’re a game-changer when it comes to burger nights at home. Made with succulent British lamb and fresh mint, these burgers are a taste sensation like no other. Simply chuck them on the grill and serve them up with your favourite toppings for a gourmet experience in the comfort of your own home.

And that’s the latest on HECK! Which product will you be getting your hands on first?


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