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How The Power Of Podcasts Can Help With YOUR Marketing

We’re delighted to be handing over this guest blog spot to Pete Allen of Carrot Cruncher. When he accepted our invitation to share his wisdom on podcasting as part of the marketing mix with our readers, we were thrilled.  We believe in sharing our collective wisdoms, and who knows, if you are podcast-curious, you might even be compelled to be in touch with Pete to ask him to help you out.

So, without further ado, here goes…


Why are podcasts good for your brand?

“First off, I’m hitting you with a stat: “76% of podcast listeners have acted on a podcast advert or sponsorship message, as instructed by the host”.

That’s absolute proof of listeners engaging with content and trusting podcast hosts, but WHY are podcast listeners so engaged?

There’s a podcast for every subject you can think of, and a well-planned podcast super-serves its niche audience. The host and listener have common ground and a shared interest; without trying, the show creates a community of like-minded people.

The smart host leads a podcast with personality and entertainment. The ‘advert or sponsorship message’ will be an integral part of that, and needs to be segued in and made relevant to the audience to keep the listeners’ interest. That’s why synergy between podcast and sponsor is so important. At Carrot Cruncher, we produce a running podcast and collaborate with Salomon (the running shoe brand).  On this podcast, every listener is a runner, and every runner needs running shoes, so there’s zero wastage in Salomon’s messaging.

We already agree that the listener is drawn to the host because of their shared interest and trust their credibility. Now imagine if that trusted host was speaking directly into the ear of the listener (when they’re alone), and taking advantage of the intimacy of audio by using the pronoun “You”.

That’d be pretty powerful, right?

And if you still aren’t convinced, then here’s another stat: “79% of listening is on phones with headphones. 92% of listeners are alone when listening to podcasts”.

That powerful scenario is EXACTLY what happens, and let’s not forget that the listener is on an internet enabled device, so can act on messages straight away!


About Pete Allen & Carrot Cruncher

Pete Allen works with small businesses and individuals to position them as the “go to” person within their field using the power of podcasts, which build a “community of like-minded people”, who convert to paying customers.

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