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HECK’s Brand New Song Hits the Airwaves

HECK have taken their brand to new heights with the launch of their very own sound – a catchy song that’s been created to imprint their brand on your brain so they’re front of mind when you go grocery shopping. And well… it certainly does the trick!

Next time you’re absentmindedly scrolling through your Instagram or TikTok feeds, or begrudgingly listening to the ads on Spotify or YouTube, you might see our friends at HECK pop up. They’ve just launched their very own track titled One HECK of a Flavour, written and produced by Neighbourhood Jukebox, who have helped to write hits for the likes of Rihanna and Lewis Capaldi.

You’ll find the song, featuring an upbeat, contemporary sound and fabulous rap about their unbeatable flavours, accompanied by a specially-choreographed dance routine the team have perfected down to a tee over on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Like most jingles or brand sounds, their new sound has been designed to put HECK sausages at front of mind when you’re out shopping for your next meal. It’s catchy, to say the least, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself subconsciously singing it over and over again – and driving you and everyone else around you nuts in the process!

To help spread the joy, HECK currently have a number of ads featuring their song running across various channels, including Spotify – which has previously been unchartered territory for them. To help them reach as many ears as possible, we swotted up and helped them set up their Spotify ads, which have reached over 1 million people so far! So, if you’re reading this and you heard a snippet of HECK’s new song whilst you were fighting your way through Spotify’s ads, you’re welcome!

If you’re partial to a trending dance or two, why not join in the fun and pop your dancing shoes on, learn the dance routine (to the best of your abilities) and show HECK what you’re made of?

Sing and dance along to their new track on Spotify:


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