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HECK Expand Their Range with a New Sweet Chilli Chipolata and Yes… HECK Bacon!

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for years for HECK to announce they’re launching their very own HECK Bacon, and now our pork-related dreams have come true! If you want to give their bacon a try, you can grab a pack in Tesco stores across the country, alongside their brand new fiery flavour, Sweet Chilli Chicken Chipolatas. We can’t wait to try them!

If, like us, you’re a big fan of HECK and their delicious range of products, you’ll be extremely pleased to hear that they’ve finally launched their own bacon onto the market! Available as smoked and unsmoked, HECK’s Bacon is made without added nitrites and as lean as they come, so make sure to pop some in your basket next time you nip down to your local Tesco and try it for yourself.

What’s more, if you want to add a little more heat and flavour to your next sausage sandwich or spice up some of your favourite dishes, HECK’s brand new Sweet Chilli Chicken Chipolatas are one to add to the shopping list next time you’re dropping by Tescos. Take it from us – once you switch out your standard Cumberland sausage for a Sweet Chilli one in your sandwich, there’s no going back! To. Die. For.

Anyway, you can find out more about HECK’s brand new products, including which Tesco stores they’re in, by clicking the links below:

  • HECK Bacon
  • HECK Sweet Chilli Chicken Chipolatas


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