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Griffin Glasshouses Present Biggest Ever Donation To National Gardens Scheme 🎉

💰When the big cheque is BIG! Our good friends at Griffin Glasshouses presented a cheque for £35,620 to their long-standing partner charity, the National Garden Scheme at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Let’s pop the champagne 🥂

Our MD Debbie was fortunate enough to spend time with Linda Lane and team at RHS Chelsea Flower Show last week, and helped capture this photo opportunity as Linda handed over Griffin Glasshouses *biggest ever* donation to their partner charity, the National Garden Scheme.

Linda is pictured here with Rupert Tyler, the current Chair of the National Garden Scheme, and garden designer many-times-decorated Chelsea Show garden designer veteran Tom Stuart of Tom Stuart-Smith Studio.  Tom designed the tranquil and absorbing NGS garden on Main Avenue for the charity this year. It features an amazing garden building by Tom’s son Ben, (IG: @studiobenjamin) and was built by Ben’s friend Fenton Scott-Fielder (IG: @fentonscottfielder).

It was a true joy to step off Main Avenue and onto this garden for a short time on Press Day on Monday. An amazing experience, so thank you to the NGS for the opportunity 🙏

Take a look at some of the exclusive interior shots Debbie took from on the garden at Chelsea.

Inside the garden building, designed by Tom Stuart-Smith’s son, Ben Stuart-Smith

A succession of visitors came onto the garden during our time there on Press Day

The remnants of Mary Berry’s tea party!



We’ve worked with Griffin Glasshouses for many years now, helping them spread the word on their range of amazing glasshouse structures that go into the most amazing of gardens across the world.

They have an entire NGS range of glasshouses that raise cash for the National Gardens Scheme with every glasshouse sold. Without their clients choosing a Griffin NGS glasshouse the big cheque would not be so big, so thank you also to everyone who has helped raised this £35k+ sum for the charity this year 🤩

Spending time at Chelsea with the team, helping stand visitors with their enquiries and listening in on the feedback of prospective clients, and to owner-customers who’ve dropped by to say hello is a goldmine of feedback that helps us with the marketing for this brand. Overwhelmingly, people with a Griffin Glasshouse are a very happy bunch!

Go check out the Instagram feed for lots of lovely #rhschelsea spam 🔗



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