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How Thrilling! We’re Shortlisted In The Small Awards 2023 For Best Supply Chain Champion

The Destination Digital team are doing a small dance and a hop around the offices in Bakewell, as we’ve found ourselves announced as finalists in The Small Awards. We’re looking forward to a very fancy black-tie dinner in London in May to celebrate, and have our fingers tightly crossed!

As digital marketers, we do the rounds checking our notifications on social media on a daily basis. We almost fell off our chairs to spot one notification over the Easter-weekend though. It was the announcement that we are finalists in The Small Awards 2023 where we are in the running for Best Supply Chain Champion that gave us a small shock of joy to spot.

The Small Awards launched in 2017 with the aim of supporting the whole small business sector, recognising that there are huge numbers of small businesses doing great things that may not be recognised by awards due to geography or scale. The Small Awards is run by Small Business Britain, an organisation that runs a number of national campaigns for small businesses, including Small Business Saturday.

Destination Digital are finalists in the Best Supply Chain Champion category, which is an award that seeks to recognize businesses that work in the supply chain. As a digital marketing consultancy, all of our work is in the supply chain and much of this work is invisible as we quietly deliver campaign after campaign behind the scenes of other people’s businesses.

We collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the UK, partnering with other consultants and agencies as far south as London and as far north as Leeds, assembling a team that’s the best fit for the job. So we aren’t just a single cog in the supply chain, but spend time and effort in feeding back money into the local economy to help us continue to feed back cash into the small business sector, and given where we are located, feed back into stoking the fires of the Midlands Engine too.

We’re now looking forward to the awards ceremony which will be held in London on the 18th of May. We will be mixing with some amazing small businesses at a glittering location which will already have us walking on air. Ahead of the awards ceremony though, we still have a fancy dress to find to keep up with everyone else who’ll be there, so wish us luck!


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