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Exciting Times Ahead for Weiss Technik UK as They Celebrate 25 Years

Thanks to continued growth, our friends at Weiss Technik UK recently moved to a new larger facility at Loughborough Technology Centre, marking a significant milestone for them and the increasing demand for their environmental test chambers and controlled environment solutions.  


If you’re not familiar with environmental test chambers, they’re a fancy piece of equipment that manufacturers put products in to test them against a range of environmental factors. This can be anything from putting a brand new car in a chamber and throwing water and salt at it to ensure it can withstand earth’s elements once out on the road, to testing a component piece of a spacecraft in high temperatures to make sure it won’t fail once it leaves the atmosphere. Interesting stuff, eh?

Weiss Technik UK is well-known for its cutting-edge environmental simulation equipment and solutions, and serve a wide range of industries: aerospace, space, automotive, pharmaceuticals, biology, electronics, battery, defence…the list goes on!

Their new office space comes as they celebrate their 25th anniversary, and will not only support their growing team, but also enhance their production capabilities and allow for the development of new and advanced testing solutions, which is vital now they’re seeing more and more demand for their technology.

An exciting feature about their new space is the ability to host expert days that will focus on certain technologies. These events will provide a platform for industry professionals to share knowledge, explore new advancements and engage in meaningful discussions that might bring an innovative new idea to the forefront. The new facility also contains a training room, meaning they can conduct training right on-site so clients, partners and staff can receive hands-on training directly from Weiss Technik’s experts.

Most excitingly, a climate test chamber has been installed in the lobby, so visitors can be treated to live demonstrations of their standard test chambers. It’s one thing to hear about the capabilities of Weiss Technik UK’s products, but we can imagine seeing them in the flesh is a whole different experience. We’ll be heading down there ourselves soon, so we’re hoping to see it for ourselves!

The move to a larger facility is not just a testament to our client’s success, but a clear indicator of what’s in store for their future. With enhanced capabilities and a commitment to innovation, they are well-positioned to continue their leadership in the environmental test chamber industry and meet increasing demand for these wonderful, albeit mind-blowing pieces of equipment.

So, with that! We want to extend our congratulations to our friends on this new and exciting chapter and look forward to cheering on their continued success.


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