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Destination Digital is Shortlisted as Finalist in the Woman Who Achieves & Solopreneur Awards 2023

Destination Digital Marketing’s fabulous Managing Director, Debbie Porter, has been announced as a finalist in the Woman Who Achieves & Solopreneur Awards! The awards ceremony will be taking place in Rugby this week (eek!), and we’re very much looking forward to putting our fancy dresses on, eating a fancy lunch and celebrating all of the other women in the room.

Last year, Destination Digital’s Debbie Porter made it as a finalist in the Startup Category of the Women Who Awards 2022, and now she’s been announced as a finalist in the Woman Who Achieves & Soloprenuer Awards 2023! The awards, launched by Sandra Garlick MBE, celebrates the achievements of solo women entrepreneurs from across the UK, and encourages women in business to recognise their achievements, celebrate their successes and inspire others.

Destination Digital is a small team of women led by our Managing Director, Debbie Porter, who knows all too well what it takes to drive a business forward as a sole Director. In an industry often dominated by large agencies, Debbie has built a shining example of what a small, but dedicated and skilled, team can achieve. Debbie’s expanse of knowledge and expertise alone has helped us to consistently deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations, and she’s now passing down her knowledge to her team so we can become the digital marketers of the future.

The awards are not only unique in the sense that they celebrate women’s successes, but every woman who enters is also invited on stage for a Celebration of Women in Business, regardless of whether they’ve won or not. It’s a refreshing take on your usual corporate awards ceremony, which often contain a lot of testosterone and sour faces, and it’s great to be in a room full of women, supporting women, and feel surrounded by a warm, positive energy.

With just a few days left until the awards ceremony, we’ll be raking our way through our wardrobes to find a dress for the event, and keeping our fingers, toes and everything else crossed for Debbie!


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