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SHE UK’s Big Give Campaign Needs Your Help To Reach £2500 This October

Destination Digital’s Managing Director, Debbie Porter is a Trustee of SHE UK, volunteering her time to help the Board steer the charity forwards. This month, they are involved in a very special fundraiser with the Big Give Women & Girls Match Fund from 11 October. Please do help if you can 🙏

The Big Give runs a series of match-funding campaigns to help UK charities ‘double their money’, which is a very special chance to increase funds. Running in line with International Day of the Girl, this year the Big Give is running their Women & Girls Match Fund campaign from the 11th of October until midday on the 18th of October, and SHE UK have been accepted into this year’s programme.

Our friends at SHE UK are a small Mansfield-based team support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape and assault. It’s a charity that shouldn’t exist, but sadly has needed to continue to exist for over 25 years. They have been getting a great boost in their profile under the leadership of Chief Exec Lisa Lenton, but although this is a great success for profile and advocacy for the key concerns of the charity… it has also led to an 80% increase in referrals for their 1:1 therapeutic service in the last 12 months.

The volume of referrals now far outweighs the charity’s capacity to support the people that need this service, so this fundraiser will help alleviate the waiting list. Every pound donated will double the difference to SHE UK, and so we are appealing to our readers unapologetically for help in hitting the target of £2500, which will be matched by the Big Give and provide a much-needed boost for funds.


How do I give to the Big Give Women & Girls Match Fund?

The Big Give Women & Girls Match Fund 2023 will run from 12pm (midday) 11th October to 12pm (midday) 18th October, and every pound donated will double the difference for the charity.

The landing page for the fundraiser can be found at the link below, so set a timer for 12pm on the 11th and donate a few pounds to help us on our way.


Please do share this article on, to help us raise awareness and to gain as much traction as we can during the fundraising period next week 🙏

Who are the charity SHE UK?

SHE UK are a charity that supports adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and rape. Their key aim is to empower survivors to move forward from the devastating impacts that sexual abuse has had on their lives and to this end the charity offers:

  • Telephone support for immediate support for people in crisis
  • 1:1 counselling for men and women
  • A weekly peer-support group for women

This charity provides a range of services and programs to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, including counselling, therapy, support groups, and advocacy services. They are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where survivors can connect with others who have had similar experiences and access the resources they need to move forward.

Find out more about the work of SHE UK on the website:

You can also find the charity on Facebook:

And Twitter:


Mental Health Crisis Helplines and Listening Services

If you are in mental health crisis and would like to talk to someone, here are some useful phone numbers:


You can also visit your GP, A&E or call 111, where you might then be referred to a Crisis Team who will then offer a team of mental health professionals to support you.

There is also an NHS urgent mental health helpline, that can be accessed by answering a couple of questions here – 

Alternatively, you can receive support by text with a service run by Mental Health Innovations. Just text “SHOUT” to 85258 for free from all major UK mobile networks. You’ll then be connected to a volunteer for an anonymous conversation by text message.


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