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Our Friends At Big Green Smile Are Now A B-Corp 💚

There are companies masquerading as eco-brands that are, sadly, all front and no substance. Not so for our friends at Big Green Smile who are now proud to have achieved B-Corp status, and we’re right here to celebrate that 💚

Big Green Smile are one of Europe’s leading eco-retailers, stocking natural and organic beauty products, cleaning products and personal care items on their vast ecommerce website. A little like a green version of an Amazon store.

Established in 2006, the brainchild of Ben and Alasdair, the duo set out with a mission to make sustainable shopping the norm. Every item stocked on the website is cruelty-free, there is a vast array of Vegan Society approved products, and there’s a wide range of natural and/or organic products (and no, natural and organic are not the same thing…).

Getting listed on Big Green Smile is not as easy as just making a favourable commercial deal, and they vet each brand that joins their ranks alongside eco-brand superstars like Ecover, Bio-D, Weleda, Dr Bronners, Method and Dr Hauschka. If a brand’s values don’t totally square up, you won’t get in, which ensures that Big Green Smile shoppers are being presented with only the best of choices, safely assured that the ethical due diligence has already been done by the BGS team.

Our friends at Big Green Smile work hard behind the scenes to live the brand they’ve created as a truly purpose-driven organisation that wants to do the best they can, wherever they can. And so, how more fitting and appropriate a way of proving that they put their (reinvestment) money where their mouths are, by achieving B-Corp certification?

B Corp status is an affirmation of a commitment to purpose, showing BGS’s commitment to people and the planet, and not just pure profits.

We’ll raise a glass to that 🥂


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