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Arts Derbyshire’s New Website Has A Fantastic Fresh Design. Take A Look!

The Arts Derbyshire website has a bright, fresh and fun new design. Go and check it out, and if you are in the creative industries, sign up for a free account.

Arts Derbyshire has been serving the creative industries community in the county for over 15 years. Originally set up as a partner organisation to bring together arts officers from the 10 different local authorities around Derbyshire to joint program their work and disseminate information to a wider audience more efficiently, the website serving this group has shape-shifted a fair few times over the years, along with the shapeshifting of the structure of the stakeholder group that leads the brand.

In its latest incarnation, Arts Derbyshire became incorporated as a charity in late 2019 to allow greater freedom in applying for a wider range of funding opportunities, but crucially to help it revive the Arts Derbyshire website that has been effectively out of action since 2017 due to government cuts.

The journey to this point has been a long one, but the resulting new website launched a few weeks ago has been received really well by the artists, arts organisations and venues that it serves. If your business is in the creative industries – which encompasses arts organisations and individual artists/performers through to craftspeople and makers, and product and graphic designers on the commercial end of the scale – then sign up!

It’s a great way of getting an inbound link for your own website, which is always good for your own SEO. It’s also an extra place on the Internet and in Google search results for your brand to pop up, helping you with SERPs dominance. With the ability to have a member listing in the directory, along with ‘What’s On’ events listings in that part of the website, there are lots of opportunities to broaden the reach of your activities to a targeted audience.

The service is offered to anyone living in or practising their work in the county, making it a great resource for the local business community. There are lots of ways to donate to the charity that can be found on the donations page on the website. Whilst it’s possible to make a cash donation through Facebook, PayPal or Give as you Live, there are also ways of donating that won’t cost you a penny! For instance, you can “Give as you Shop” via Give as you Live or Amazon Smile. Neither of these donation routes cost the end user any money as the organisations themselves take a percentage and donate it to the charity. So, if you buy goods online, a small habit change will enable you to make the money you spend go a little further and contribute to a really good cause.

Every penny counts when charity fundraising so please do donate if you can spare the cash. In the meantime, go and check out the website and sign up if you are in a creative industries sector:


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